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15th October - Final Product Criteria - Tamila 10S

Criteria For Success

- I will investigate a minimum 5 culturally significant buildings in Kiev.
The evidence will be sketches and photographs which I will label on my designs.
- Creating at least 7 sketches with different ideas for buildings.
The evidence will be sketches (coloured, shaded, outlined specific elements taken from other sources)
- I will research on special features of architectural style
Evidence: pictures of distinctive architectural elements with labelling and bibliography.
- I will study the laws of perspective to make sketches accurate.
Evidence: give examples of definite techniques with drawings and labelling. My draft sketches in which I will label all techniques I will use.
- I will look for possible location of my building to fit in the style.
Evidence: Photos of places where I would put my building.
- My final product will be a design of the building in classical style of Kiev.The design will be presented in a serious of coloured and shaded sketches, showing the building at different angles.

Evidence: Minimum of 4 sketches showing the building at different angles, minimum number of 5 colours used, minimum paper size for sketches A4.

15th October - The First Draft of Introduction - Tamila 10S

For Personal Project my topic of interest will be Architectural Design.
I will be working in the field of architectural design because I am interested in designing. I am very passionate about creating designs of everything. No matter for what they are intended, for school or myself it doesn't matter. I can design models of buildings for group projects. For example last year I was making some designs for humanities and DT project which was called Sustainable Development Unit. We were creating a model of environmental friendly school. Also in DT class during Unit - 3 we were designing and creating Smart Stands. Those project were quite usefull for me, and now I have some experience. Which will help me in my Personal Project. This year on art we started unit called Art is a Process, we were spending time creating abstract works.
We used different techniques of shading, coloring, forming, portraying shapes, lines, patters of different size and styles. As well we used some elements of geometric drawings and modern. During this time I was adopting some new skills of geometrical construction drawings which will also be usefull during this project.
Also I spend time creating designs of clothes and house interiors using simple materials and techniques.
I decided to focus on architectural design because of one problem which I consider to be quite important and significant. Already for year I have watched that in Kiev there are more and more buildings which do not fit in the original style of the city. My motivation is a regret that people forgot about the importance of preserving old architectural style which is an important part of Ukrainian culture.  
Since I got interested in architectural design not so long ago, I will have a great opportunity to study the Ukrainian history, especially its architecture development. While spending time doing a lot of primary research which will be an integral part of this project I will improve my research and art skills. For succeeding in this project my final product must reflect all of the knowledge and art skills which I have adopted during the process.

For this project I will focus on the Global Context Orientation in Space & Time. During my project I will explore personal history of Kiev since I have straight connection with this place. It is my birth place.
I will explore its architectural style, its uniqueness and interconnection with Ukrainian culture. I will look at the relationships between modern world and the original style of the city, how does the present day effect Ukrainian original architectural style.
I am using this GC because it fits my project the best. I made this conclusion after predicting how different Context might inform my project differently.  For example: Scientific and technical innovation. It focuses on the development, and using new technologies and techniques. If I chose this context I would have to describe my product from the technical side: how the building is constructed, what methods, materials, ingeneering novelties were used for constructing it. This is opposite to what I am doing. In my work I will express old architectural style which makes the city of Kiev so precious. And the idea of preserving it.
GC Personal and Cultural expression is focusing on self expression, introducing and showing work the way I see it personally.  But I am not focusing on expressing my ideas and work. In this project I am focusing on expressing architectural style of Ukrainian culture.
GC Identities and relationships expresses influences of people. If I took it I would probably have to speak about an author of a building, about factors that influenced his development as an architect. My product (a building) in this case would just be a result of this development. I am focusing more on the influence of time on the culture.
After noticing all of those differences in each GC separately, I have chosen the one which fits my goals and expectations for this project the best.
GC Orientation in Space & Time works the best for me because it focuses on the main elements of my topic of Interest: Explore personal history, my home.  Exploration and migrations of humankind, how Ukrainian architectural history developed through out the time. And relation ships between modern world and the original style of the city.

I am going to create a series of sketches which will depict a building with original Ukrainian cultural and architectural features. My (GC) Orientation in Space & Time is about history. I am going to explore History of Kiev architectural Style. I will look at the relationships between modern world and the original style of the city, how does the present day effect Ukrainian culture and specifically architectural style which was forming for hundreds of years. As I haven’t done anything similar and know nothing about architectural design I suppose that it will be really difficult for me to research all the pecularities of architectural style. I think that I will come across a lot of specific vocabulary which I have never heard before. One more thing that worries me is the accuracy of my drawings which must depict a building from different sides that’s where I will have to take into consideration laws of perspective and other techniques of making correct architectural sketches.

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Tamila - Blog Reflection #1 - Due Wednesday, 3rd September

Link to my GlobalContext Worksheet on Drive:
GlobalContexts inthe PP-Student Worksheet- Tamila

Task: Reflection
Due date: Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014

This session was really helpful since the tasks were given the way to make me  read every GC again and again. There are six of them and it seems that many of the explanations sound similar and I was often confused about choosing the right GC for the given topics. After this task I think I started understanding difference between them better. Actually I hope that you will point to my mistakes if I was wrong. I am still not sure about the task where I had to choose GC for the topic: Sport. Choosing the third GC was hard for me since I wanted to tell about the financial side of sport, how people do business on it and so on. But unfortunately I didn't find any explanation which would match perfectly. This was one of the difficult moments answer to which I haven't found yet. That's why l will need your assistance. In fact I chose globalisation context and tried to explain how it shaped the topic, but I am still not confident.
As for the light bulb moment I  can't be 100% sure that even if I had it I
would be right. As it's only the very start of the project and I haven't had any consultations with supervisors, obviously, I hesitate. I would like to say that the clearest global context for me was Scientific and Technical innovation. Probably because this topic was practised a lot during my learning at school. Contexts which I consider more difficult are (Orientation in space and time) and (Globalisation and sustainability).

My next steps are the following:
  •      To complete proposal form by: Friday.
  •      Discuss my topic with supervisor.
  •     Make a list of questions I would like to ask my supervisor.
  •     Ask to explain those points which were difficult for me.

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My Ideas


Here are some of my general ideas.


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Personal Project: